Loving Brocante Book Part 3

Loving Brocante Book Part 3

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Loving Brocante Part 3 ~ The Victorian Style

The stunning book in the series from Loving Brocante magazine ....


"An homage to the Victorian Style ...

Within the brocante living style many trends have come and gone the past years which makes sense beacuse even though you might love brocante, everyone has their own style.  Whether you appreciäte feminine French, Scandinavian, the boudoir style or even the industrial look, there is something for everyone.

However, there is also a large group of enthusiasts who love a style which has its roots in the Victorian age.  A period also known as a time filled with wealth, riches and prosperity.  Fortunately many things from the Victorian age have found their way to the twenty first century.  So it is not that strange that many of us are lost in thought when we come across furniture and clothes from this age.  The romance and nostalgia truly appeal to one's imagination.

A lot of old and stunning items also didn't survive the test of time.  Fortunately a lot did.  How amazing is it that we, over 100 years later, are able to cherish and display these remarkable pieces?

In this book we will give you a peek into the homes of three passionate Victorian age enthusiasts.  Join us and enjoy the many gorgeous gowns, crinolines, busts, corsets and mannequins which carry with them a rich past and are still admired every day.  i wonder how Queen Victoria would feel, knowing that today we honour this age and everything it has brought us. I suspect that if she knew she would be walking around with a proud smile on her face."