Secret Cities of Italy

Secret Cities of Italy

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60 charming towns off the beaten path.


Italy. The name sparks images of gondolas, the Trevi Fountain, and Michelangelo's David. Indeed, travellers who visit only Venice, Rome, and Florence will find plenty to hold their attention but they will also miss out on so much more of what Bella Italia has to offer . . . Bursting with gorgeous photographs and abundant travel information, this book is a showcase of 60 of Italy's off-the-beaten-path towns and villages some of which are only a short drive from the more popular tourist spots. Ranging in size and brimming with charm, these destinations feature historic town centres, quaint stores, villages atop rocky cliffs, castles, and streets bustling with restaurants. This comprehensive tribute spotlights the wonders of Italy, from breathtaking art and ancient sites to opulent cathedrals and local marketplaces. Not to be overlooked are the stunning beaches, beautiful landscapes, outdoor adventures, and culinary delights found throughout the storied boot-shaped land. A trip to Italy is already on the bucket list for many travellers, and this book is sure to inspire even more Italian adventures whether real or daydreamed.

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